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What Is Fitted Bedsheet?

What Is Fitted Bedsheet?

Meaning of fitted bed sheets is:- "A fitted Bed Sheet is different from a normal sheet as it stays fixed because of the presence of elastic bands which are present at the four corners. Unlike flat sheets, they don’t fall off and hence the prefix, fitted. This is what is fitted bed sheet."

What is Fitted Bed Sheets

Benefits of using a fitted bed sheet:-

As you now know what is fitted bed sheet, some of the benefits of using them are as follows. This list isn’t exhaustive and there are several other benefits as well.

Their biggest benefit is that they are not affected by slight movements which one might make while being in bed. Also, they are better if we take into account aesthetics as well. Now, allow us to discuss some of the benefits of using fitted bed sheets.

Protects the mattress better:-

As they cover the mattress more properly, the mattress stays properly protected from any kind of wear or tear. Flat sheets also do this, but they aren’t that effective as compared to fitted ones. These can be an option if you wish to extend the life of your mattress.

Easy to remove and change:-

Since they are not needed to be tucked in like flat ones, one can easily remove them when required. All you need to do is simply pull them gently. Also, their elastic bands get anchored quite nicely as well. Hence, those wanting to save some time in doing these mundane activities should buy fitted bed sheets.

Helps you get better sleep:-

For the reason that they don’t get easily disturbed, their surface stays flat without any irregularities. This is what is fitted bed sheet. Due to this, no folds are formed which might disturb your sleep in any way. They are also smooth which makes the user more comfortable while laying down on them. Those suffering from insomnia can also try these sheets. Who knows, they might help you get satisfying sleep.

Aesthetically pleasing:-

Indeed, they are pleasing aesthetically. Their proper fitting makes them stay flat and this, in turn, gives them a picture-perfect look. This is what  fitted bed sheets meaning implies by its very name. ‘Fitted’ meaning something which is fit or fixed. Many designs are also available which can be chosen from to make your bedroom look more appealing and beautiful.

Protect you from skin allergy:-

If your mattress is made up of a material to which your skin is sensitive, then you can use this sheet to make it a barrier between your skin and the mattress. This is a far cheaper choice than looking for a new mattress.

This list itself is a testimony to the benefits which these sheets can offer if you choose to make use of them over the flat ones.

Fitted Vs Flat Bed sheets: What is the difference?:-

While fitted bed sheets meaning might have gotten cleared to you, one still needs to know about how they are different from flat bed sheets. Allow us to explain.

While fitted sheets have elastic bands at the edges, flat sheets don’t. Also, flat sheets just cover the mattress surface mainly and one has to tuck them at the corners to fix them properly. This makes them somewhat more tedious to lay than fitted ones.

Cost-wise there isn’t much difference as both of them cost almost the same. Fitted bed sheets however are gaining more popularity because of the number of features and benefits that they offer.

How to Take Care of Your Fitted Bed sheet?:-

While you have now got to know the difference between these two types of sheets, allow us to explain how you can take your sheet’s care. While buying a fitted bed sheet is one thing, taking its proper care to prolong its life is another. There are many things which one can do to take care of his or her bed sheet. What is fitted bed sheet care is explained in the following points.

Wash them periodically:-

Indeed, one of the most basic things to be done. Make it a habit to wash them regularly. Being lazy at this isn’t the way to go. Also, in case something like ketchup sauce or coffee spills on it, do remember to wash them promptly while following appropriate instructions.

Try to not dirty them:-

If you have a habit of eating or drinking stuff while laying on your bed, you need to rethink your choice. These things when split, can leave a stain and affect the aesthetics of the sheet. Hence, it is advisable to refrain from doing things like these.

Wash them properly:-

Washing your sheets properly also matters and you should do it in a proper manner. This is better for your sheet. Many also have the habit of stuffing their other clothes in the washing machine while washing their sheet. This should be avoided if possible. Also, try to dry them completely too before using them again. Sunlight drying is perhaps the best way to go.

Use them for their intended purpose:-

This is perhaps really important. A fitted bed sheet is made for covering your mattress. You should refrain from using it as a blanket or for some other reason. Products are designed while keeping their intended use in mind and using them for doing something else might reduce their potential lifetime.


We sincerely hope that you have got some knowledge about what is fitted bedsheet and fitted bed sheets meaning. Indeed, they have a lot of associated benefits with them too. But there are ways available as well with which you prolong their life. 

Buying one is a great decision and hopefully, you too will benefit from using them. If you are an owner of a hotel, then these sheets are recommended as they will give a professional look to your hotel rooms.

As a homeowner, you can either buy a single fitted sheet or go with multiple ones in case you might need replacements when the other one goes for a wash for regular cleaning or due to something spilling on it. Sets are also made available in case you choose to buy multiple sheets to make things easy.

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