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White Fitted Bed Sheet

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White Fitted Bedsheets are simple to take care of because it has elastics fitted altogether four corners to carry your thick mattress robustly. There'll not be any wrinkles and no got to make your bed over and once again. The color white is the symbol of purity, perfection, innocence, and integrity. Hence sleeping on such a white fitted sheet will give you a heavenly feeling and with that, you will be able to have a good night’s sleep and can also wake up rejuvenated and refreshed in the morning. At Comfort Beddings you will get this type of white fitted bedsheet at a very reasonable price.


Comfort Beddings come up with quality cotton fitted bedsheet and its thread count speaks about its quality. This type of sheet is silky and soft and there is no chance of having wrinkles in this type of fitted sheet. In terms of design, this type of fitted sheet is highly intricate. At comfort Beddings, in this fitted bedsheet set, you will get one fitted bedsheet and 2 pillow covers. The fitted sheet is produced with home-grown cotton and thus the quality of such fitted sheets is of top quality.


At Comfort Beddings you will get high quality solid and striped fitted sheets and that too at an affordable price. The solid and striped fitted white sheet is very soft and breathable as it is made from cotton blend fabric. Since this type of fitted sheet is made with high-quality cotton it keeps your bed comparatively cooler as compared to the other fitted sheet. Apart from that, the solid and striped pattern sheet also looks very good when put on the bed. Hence, when it comes to fitted sheets most people prefer to choose the solid and striped pattern sheet.


The White fitted bedsheets of Comfort Beddings is super soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. You will get this type of fitted sheet in almost all sizes such as - single, double, queen, and king size. The size of single size fitted sheet is 72-inch x 36 inch, double fitted sheet is 72-inch x 48 inch, queen-sized bed sheet is 72-inch x 60 inch and King size bed sheet is 78-inch x 72 inch. You will the pillowcase with this sheet and that too will be of size 17-inch x 27 inch or 18-inch x 27 inch.