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With Over Two Decades, We are selling comfort for life, not just fabrics
Comfort Beddings offers the best Mattress Protector to protect and prolong the life of your mattresses. This terry waterproof mattress protector prevents the accumulation of dust mites and bacteria in mattresses.

  • Keep Mattress Clean, Dry, And Sanitary
  • Physical Barrier Against The Moisture Entering The Mattress
  • Super Absorbent, Waterproof Barrier To Repel Liquid With Full-Elasticized Skirt

Comfort Beddings Terry Mattress Protector gives you a soft hand. It gives protection against dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, and other allergies. Our absorbent Terry Mattress Protector keeps the surface of your bed clean and comfortable. It extends the life of your mattress against spills, stains, fluids and all types of liquids.

The mattress protector is snug fit and comes with the depth that can be customized. The fabric of the protector is breathable. Enclosing and removing the protector is simple and easy as it covers your mattress just like your fitted sheet. The protectors are quality tested and approved, easy to wash and stain-resistant.

Size Mattress Protector
Single 72"X36"
Double 72"X48"
Queen 72"X60"
King 78"X72"

We guarantee the best products and the best smile on your faces when you receive our products as we offer free shipping and free delivery. Still, if you feel unhappy with your purchase from us, don't be sad. We offer 7 days replacement.
These two things came with our product for free; reliability, and credibility. Our dedication and commitment are hard to beat. We go the extra mile to make our customers feel that the product pair up perfectly fine and gives a feeling that they are directly sent from heaven.


Our Terry Mattress Protector is waterproof, prevents spills, odor-causing bacteria, stains perspiration, and leaks from getting through to your mattress.


Extend the life of your mattress with our Terry Mattress Protector that is soft, breathable, durable and overfilled for added comfort and luxury as well.


Our Terry Mattress Protector is easy to remove and wash and ensure that they remain hygienic, clean, sanitized and odorless.


Name the size variant and we will have it from Single, double, King & Queen Sizes.


Our terry mattress protector provides a guard against sick nights, spills, accidents, fluids or drooling. They are best even for your toddler bed until he graduates his high school.


Our terry mattress protector provides a guard against sick nights, spills, accidents, fluids or drooling. They are best even for your toddler bed until he graduates his high school.


Our terry mattress protector is hypoallergenic and designed with deep pockets to fit the thicker mattresses of today.


Our terry mattress protector comes with the liquid-proof barrier, thus they are soft, comfortable and offers guaranteed peaceful sleep time with peace of mind.

Buy Waterproof Mattress Protector - 100% Cotton

The mattress is a considerable investment and it is very essential to protect it so that it can last for a long time. A waterproof mattress protector can protect your mattress from any kind of stain and makes sure that no fluid can reach the mattress. Thus, even if you eat on the bed or your kid spills things on the bed accidentally your mattress shield or protectorwill endure it all. The waterproof bed cover consists of Thermoplastic Poly Urethane (TPU) which is 100% resistant to water. Apart from being water-resistant this type of waterproof mattress cover is also breathable. Moreover, it does not make any kind of plasticky sounds and hence you can have a sound sleep. 


Whenever you buy the waterproof mattress cover,it is very essential to look at its features. The best mattress bed cover should be comfortable, washable, and aesthetic. The mattress protector of Comfort Beddings is made up of cotton and thus they are very comfortable and able to provide the user a good night’s sleep. Apart from that, the mattress covers of Comfort Beddings are also washable and hence you can wash off the stains. In this brand, you will also get an allergen-free and bedbug-proof mattress shield or protector. With an allergen-free mattress cover, you can combat dust mites which are the most common type of household allergen. House allergen mostly feeds off human skin flakes and it is mostly observed that they use the mattress as their favorite breeding ground. Thus having a dust mite mattress protector will certainly help you to get a healthier sleeping environment. 

Buy Best Waterproof Mattress Protector Online from Comfort Beddings 

It is very essential to buy the right Mattress protector as it plays a huge role in a good night’s sleep. Many people don't realize its importance but it is beneficial in many ways. It not only renders aesthetic functionality but can also help you to avoid unnecessary expense in the long run. The normal lifespan of a mattress is six to seven years but if you use the protector properly it will last for more than ten years. If you do not use the mattress shield moisture or bacteria may damage the internal structure of your mattress. Thus, avoiding the use of a mattress cover may lead you to a myriad of health problems as well as some additional replacement costs. That is the reason why it is always advisable to buy the mattress cover the day you buy the mattress. But make sure that the cover is waterproof and highly durable. At Comfort Beddings, you will get a high-quality protector or cover at a reasonable price.

Benefits of having top quality Waterproof Mattress Protector

The mattress is one of the most used objects at home since most people used to spend 8 to 10 hours in bed and if you do not have a proper mattress shield or cover you will not get a sound sleep. If you do not protect the mattress with a mattress wrapper or cover then it can be the home of bacteria, layers of dead skin cells, bed bugs or dust mites, airborne pollutants, pet hair, and fecal matter, etc. Our waterproof mattress cover canhelp you to protect from all these problems which ultimately help you prevent allergies. Again, kids at some point in time go through a phase of bedwetting which may result in stained mattresses and bed sheets. But having a proper mattress wrapper or protector can also help you to prevent odor from bedwetting which ultimately will help you to enhance your comfort and sleep quality. Thus, a quality waterproof mattress cover can certainly help you to have uninterrupted sleep.  Moreover, a mattress is a hefty investment and if you wash it regularly the mattress may get ruined and so having a mattress wrapper over the mattress will extend its life and protect your mattress from any kind of stain.

Secure Your Mattress by Investing in a Waterproof Mattress Protector

A mattress shield can improve the longevity of your mattress and keep your mattress clean for a longer period of time. Buying a quality mattress requires a considerable investment and hence it is for sure that you would like to protect your mattress as far as possible. The best quality mattress wrapper will not only help you to secure your mattress but will also enable you to maintain the hygiene of the mattress. Hence, buying a waterproof mattress  shield is certainly a very good and intelligent investment. Using it you can easily extend the longevity of your mattress by five to ten years although it totally depends on the quality of the mattress as well as the cover you have chosen. At Comfort Beddings you will get a quality mattress cover or protector at a reasonable rate. 



1.Why Do You Need a Mattress Protector?

Mattress cover or shield enhance the longevity of the mattress as well as help you to protect from bed bugs, dust mites, airborne pollutants, etc. It also helps you to prevent odors from bedwetting which ultimately enables you to have a good night’s sleep.

 2. Are mattress protectors waterproof?

You can get both waterproof and a non-waterproof mattress shield or protector. But it is always better to purchase a waterproof one as every home has kids and every kid will go through a phase of bedwetting at some point in time. Having a waterproof mattress protector will not only help you protect your mattress from wetting but also can prevent your odor from bedwetting 

3. How long should you keep a mattress protector?

You can keep a mattress cover or protector for 2 years and after that, you should replace it. However, it depends on its maintenance and if you observe some tearing or developing holes then you should understand that it’s time to replace it. 

4. How to Choose Mattress Protector Online?

Choose themattress cover or protector you like, select the size you need and place the order. 


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