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Mediterranean blue pillow covers

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11 Reasons to choose comfort beddings pillow covers

Super Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton Pillow Covers

Our beddings products are buttery soft and get even more, softer over time. You will get a perfect blend of softness, strength, durability, and luxury.

Breathable in all Seasons

Our Premium-quality cotton pillow covers are breathable. It allows air to pass on, keep body oxygenated and naturally wick the moisture while you sleep.


Our bedding products are curetted on the concept of beauty lies in simplicity along with durability. You can even climb mountains with Comfort Beddings pillow covers.


Our bedding products resist mold, dust mites and allergens, and can greatly increase the quality of your sleep, helping to reduce sneezing, and itching.

Feel to perfection

The Long Staple Cotton & fine thread spun from single-ply Yarn (the best one) are weaved to perfection which gives you most soft and comfortable pillow covers.

Fabric Quality

Our premium (1000 TC) and Classic (600 TC) Collection fabric Range are for those who believe in quality and luxury. Our Premium Collection is widely loved not only in India but outside India too because of It Super Smooth Durable Weave made of single ply yarn.

A Complete Pillow Covers Set

This is a complete set which includes luxury 2 pillow covers.

Ships Free to Your Door

Free Shipping in pan India via Blue Dart and we ensure your order will be delivered to Doorstep within 3-7 Business days.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We love our Customers at Comfort Beddings, We know you are a big deal and We make guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. We love going the extra mile to make our customers satisfied.

Direct From Factory

Yes That is Correct ! You are purchasing directly from the factory. No Super Stockist, No Wholesaler, No Retailer. So You will be greatly benefitted from our Efficient supply chain that will result in more savings and better Quality.

14 Days Return Policy

Hassle free 14 Days Return Policy, If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase or want to return for any reason, Simply request Return/Exchange from the top menu bar and your order will be picked up from your door within 24 to 48hr. Payments will be refunded within 2-3 business days to your payment method after receiving the item.

Item Quantity : 2 Mediterranean Blue Pillow Covers With Over Two Decades, We are selling comfort for life not just fabrics,

Comfort Beddings offers the best Pillow Case in the market as they have been made from the finest quality Egyptian Cotton material for your ultimate comfort experience.

  • Natural Soft Sheen With Sateen Weave
  • Finer & Durable Fabric With 1000 Thread Count
  • Cool Summers & Warm Winters Because of the Thermal Regulating Properties

Tidy up your space with Comfort Beddings Mediterranean blue pillow covers. This Pillow Cases can match up with any decor and interior well. The Egyptian cotton makes these pillow cover extra soft and durable. Our pillow cover serve your all purposes whether; you are buying them for your home, or camping. The pillow cover come in queen, king, and standard sizes.

These Mediterranean blue pillow covers are capable enough in elevating any bedding collection by taking your sleep style to a whole new level with soft Egyptian cotton and 1000 thread count. Our blue pillow cover include 2 standard pillows which are machine washable and skin-friendly. Also, the pillow cover are stain-resistant, dust-resistant, and wrinkle-resistant. They get better with regular wash and then can go straight from the dryer to the bed. So buy the right size and correctly shaped pillow cover from us and leave your all concerns behind to enjoy your best sleeping time.

Cotton pillow covers for your soft pillow

You can choose cotton pillow covers for your pillow at a great discount price range. it is easy to buying pillow covers online. They protect pillows from getting dirty and also add an aesthetic appeal to them since they can be of several colours like black, white, yellow, blue, pink, and various patterns like plain, chex, pinch, dual-tone. They make sleeping better too if they are smooth and made from fine materials like Egyptian cotton.

Comfort Beddings Pillow Covers Qualities:

These cotton pillow covers are made from pure cotton are much more durable than others because of their physical properties. You should buy cotton pillow covers online at comfort beddings. if you want value for your money.

Smooth finish

This pillow cover is very soft and comfortable to makes appropriate for using them to rest your necks as they will help you in getting better sleep. A smooth and soft finish also makes them last longer too as the threads don't undergo much damage every time a pillow cover is washed.

Available in all sizes and colours
Comfort beddings offer various colour and sizes. These pillow covers are available in plain, decorative, chex, stripe patterns, and 25 plus colours.

Easy to wash

Cotton pillow covers are much easier to wash. This prevents you from a headache as many precautions have to be taken for other fabrics which might require additional effort or knowledge.

Greater thread count

A higher thread count implied better quality. Compared to other varieties of cotton, Egyptian cotton has way higher 600 and 1000 thread count which makes it is the best material for making pillow covers. At comfort beddings we are providing 600 & 1000 TC pillow cases.

Benefits of Our Pillow Covers:

Using a pillow cover has many benefits. Some of them are-

Protects your pillow

You won’t your pillow to get dirty because of dust or your hair oil when you sleep at night. Covers for pillows keep your pillow protected from these things. Also, a pillow cover is far cheaper than a pillow and as washing a dirty pillow isn’t practical, buying a good quality pillow is the most suitable decision.

Helps you in getting better sleep

Yes. In case the fabric of your pillow is rough or without a smooth finish, it can greatly affect your sleep and sleeping cycle. As per recent research, a significant number of people are not getting satisfactory amounts of sleep, and not using a quality pillow cover is one of the reasons.

Features of Comfort Beddings covers for pillows:

Some features of our covers are as follows..

High Quality

We have our cotton pillow covers manufacturers who manufacture premium quality products. This is because we are committed to providing value for money to our customers. Since offering a low-quality product is nothing but duping the customers from his or her hard-earned money.

Available in many colours and patterns

Gone are the days when one would buy plain covers for pillows. Now, we have made available a whole plethora of colours and designs. Purchasing a Egyptian cotton made pillow cover which is attractive and aesthetically pleasing is one of the few things which one can do for enhancing the overall appeal of his or her home.

Have passed quality check

We have made sure that covers for the pillows which we sell to our customers have passed stringent quality tests. Many sellers don’t do this and customers are left with a low-quality product. Quality checks which we follow aren’t just for the sake for it but address all the crucial aspects. You won’t be regretting buying a pillow cover from us.

Patterns in covers for pillows

We have a number of patterns which we have made available to our customers to buy. While some are plain pillow covers, striped pillow cases and zebra print. Overall, we are not short of products which have colourful designs which are both eye-catching and attractive.

Sizes available in the covers

We have the following sizes available for the covers.

  • Queen size pillow covers (20 X 30)
  • King size pillow covers (20 X 40)
  • Standard size pillow covers (18 X 27)

The reason these sizes like king size pillow covers are different are because there are different bed sizes as well. These sizes are available for all the designs which we have available.

Why buy pillows from Comfort Beddings?

Now, you might have started to wonder why you should be buying covers for your pillows from Comfort Beddings. Allow us to explain some of the benefits which you will get if you decide to buy from us.

Multiple payment options

While other sellers selling covers for pillows might be giving you limited options of payment, we are providing a whole plethora of options. This is to make your overall buying experience hassle-free. Also, giving our customers choice regarding payment options is way of offering them more freedom.

7-day money back guarantee

We know that we have said that we sell premium quality products. But this doesn’t mean that we won’t allow you to have a right to return our products for whatever reasons which you may have. We are all for protecting the rights of our customers.This is only for solid and stripe pattern.

Discounted price

Yes, we sell our products below the MRP (Maximum Retail Price). This is because since our products sell in high volume, we are able to reduce our profit margins per sale. We do this to make our products more affordable.

Multiple colors and patterns available

Now, you don’t have to stay content with just plain pillow covers. We are here to offer colourful and bright designs which will mesmerize you and beautify your home. Your dream covers for your pillows are just a click away! What are you waiting for?

Dedicated online support

Ordering anything online sometimes becomes a nightmare as the support team of the website might not be efficient. This is why we have a dedicated support team made up of professionals which are committed to helping customers with their smallest of queries.

Free shipping

Yes, you read it right. We offer free shipping for our products. This is because we don’t believe in burdening our customers with delivery charges.

Types of Pillow covers available:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some colours which are available at Comfort Beddings?

Some of the colours which we have available are-

  • Dark grey
  • Teal
  • Soft Pink
  • Navy blue

And many more too…

What is our return policy?

We have a 7-day money back guarantee return policy for the products which have solid and stripe patterns.

Why should you use a pillow cover?

You should be using a pillow cover because it keeps your pillow from getting dirty and helps you get amazing sleep.


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