Fitted bed sheets are a type of elastic bed sheet which ensures that the mattress stays covered and protected. This type of a elastic bed sheets are kept tucked under the mattress and hence they are a better option than a typical bed sheet They are made from 100% pure cotton which is of the finest quality and this will ensure a great sleeping experience for you with these bed sheets.

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After a hectic day, come back home, want to have a good night's sleep in a comfortable bed. A perfect mattress with a beautiful bed sheet is your need. The fitted bed sheets are convenient for use.Fitted sheets have an elastic stitched, there is no struggle for putting on a mattress. When you buy the elastic fitted bedsheet  you need to be sure of your bed size because the smaller size will not cover the bed and the bigger size will be difficult to manage.

Fitted sheets are a great option for everyday use, these bed sheets look luxurious when you have guests. It will enhance your guest bedroom look and your guest will not have to deal with wrinkle bed sheets. When your kids play and jump on the bed, a fitted bed  sheet will be the perfect choice for your bedroom.

The collection of fitted bed sheets have been designed to 100% cotton to decorate  your living with charm and comfort. Fill the comfort and satisfaction in your life, Comfort Beddings presents you luxury fitted bedsheet online including fitted sheet for king size bed, single bed fitted sheets, double bed fitted sheets  at cost-effective prices. Buy this elastic cotton fitted bedsheet set designs and give your guests good fashion and comfort.

Product Material 

Majority of the time, the cotton used in a given fitted bed sheets is the famous Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is famous for its smooth finish and texture as most of us know.

Available Patterns

There are two major types of patterns:
- Solid
A solid pattern means that the entire fitted sheets will be of a single uniform colour.
-  Striped
This is somewhat more colourful as there are stripes or patterns on them and people also prefer them because of this.

Sizes Available on Comfort beddings

There are four main sizes of bed sheets. They are as follows. These are the sizes which are most common in India as we talked about them above.
- Single (72 X 36)
This size is meant for a single person. Also, beds of this size are kept in the guest rooms for possible guests. 
- Double (72 X 48)
Perhaps the most popular size of all as it is meant for just couples who wish to sleep together. It can also be used by a single person in case he or she wants more comfort.
- Queen (72 X 60)
If you just a single child and want to sleep with him or her together in the same, you must choose a queen-sized bed.
- King (78 X 72)
The biggest available size as of now. This bed size is perfect for those having a couple of kids and want to sleep with them in the same bed.

What are the contents of comfort beddings fitted bed sheets ?

The following are the contents of the comfort bedding fitted sheet sets.
-  Fitted Sheet
This as you all know for sure. The thread type depends on what you select by the way. We don’t believe in misguiding or duping out customers.
- Two Pillow Covers
These too are a part of the set of fitted bed sheets. They are given since we would not want you to have mismatching pillow covers with your brand-new bed sheet.

Benefits of shopping from Comfort Beddings

There are numerous benefits of buying a fitted sheets from Comfort beddings. We would like to list a few of them here for your better understanding.

- All sizes are available
Unlike other online vendors, we don’t restrict our customers to just a few sizes because demand isn’t there for some sizes. We believe that our prime focus should be on the customer’s issues while he or she is buying fitted sheets. We keep the sizes stocked too so sudden surge in demand.

- Various colours available
We believe that different customers do have different tastes when it comes to colour and hence a maximum number of colours ought to be made available as a choice to them. Thus, this increases their chances of finding the most suitable fitted bed sheet. Some of the colours that are available are-
·  White
·  Dark Gray
·  Light Blue
·  Black
·  Blood Red

-  High-quality products
All our products including any given fitted sheet are compliant with the highest possible manufacturing standard as we believe in giving the maximum amount of value for money to the customer. Buying fitted bed sheets on comfort bedding is indeed an enjoyable experience which gets real when the sheets are delivered to you.

-  Multiple payment methods supported
Feeling frustrated while buying a fitted sheet because the website isn’t compatible with your preferred method of payment? Well, Comfort Beddings has got you covered as we support VISA cards, Master cards, Discover cards and PayPal as the available methods of payment for our visitors. Want to reduce your stress while buying a fitted sheet? Do try us!

- 14 Days Return Policy
Hassle free 14 Days Return Policy, If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase or want to return for any reason, Simply request Return/Exchange from the top menu bar and your order will be picked up from your door within 24 to 48hr. Payments will be refunded within 2-3 business days to your payment method after receiving the item.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best quality fitted bed sheet?
The best quality bed sheet is the one which is made up of the highest quality of the fabric and has a real smooth finish with high quality with vibrant colours.

What’s the difference between fitted and deep-fitted sheets?
Deep fitted sheets are more properly fixed and there is a comparatively lesser chance of them getting out of place than fitted sheets.

How do I care for my fitted sheets?
Caring for a given fitted sheet is easy as all you need to do is use them properly, wash them when they get dirty. This will make sure that your sheets will last for a long time to come.

Why are fitted beds sheets the most comfortable sheets to sleep on?
They are most comfortable because there is no chance of them getting dislodged while you move in your sleep in the bed. Unlike normal sheets, they are anchored on the ends of the mattress.


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