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Buy Pure Cotton bed sheet online at Comfort Beddings:

Having a good night’s sleep is very essential for our health and for that you must have a comfortable bed and a clean cotton bed sheet. It is now considered to be one of the most important things for the decor of the room. At our brand, you will get a lot of variety at a reasonable price and you can choose as per the decor of your room. The bed sheets of your room certainly tells a lot about your personality. The cotton bed sheet that you will get at our brand will certainly add a stylish twist to your bedroom.

Types of bedsheets:

At Comfort Beddings, you will get pure cotton bed sheet of various sizes. In our brand you will get the cotton bed sheets of the following size:

  • Single bed sheets: A single cotton bed set is mainly designed for a single bed and is ideal for a single person. People who sleep alone on a single bed must place a single sheet over the mattress of their bed. On our website, you will get a 100% cotton bed sheet that is soft and silky and it will surely provide you a good night’s sleep.
  • Double bed sheets: The double bed sheet is usually placed over a double bed which is ideal for couples. You can buy this cotton double bedsheet from our brand at an affordable price. This type of sheet is made up of Egyptian cotton and hence is very soft and highly comfortable.
  • King size bed sheets: The King size is mainly used by those families who have kids and in this type of bed two to three persons used to sleep. The king-size bed set available in our brand is not only comfortable but is also dust-mite resistant. Apart from that, it also comes up with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow cover, and duvet cover. Hence, it can provide you a huge comfort while sleeping.
  • Queen size bed sheets: In a queen size two to three people can sleep comfortably but it is ideal for those people who do not need maximum sleeping space. On our website, you will get it that comes up with hypoallergenic qualities and hence it can reduce the risk of any type of skin allergies even if your skin is sensitive and is prone to allergies.    

Tips while buying a cotton bed sheet

Whenever you buy a cotton bed sheets for your room you must check the following factors:

  • Fiber Content: You must purchase that which is made up of pure cotton. On our website, you will get a high-quality sheet that is made up of Egyptian cotton which is highly softer and durable.
  • Thread Count: Thread Count increases the quality and hence before you buy it you must look at the thread count since it will give you a fair idea about its quality.
  • Size: Size is the most important factor as if you purchase different sizes then it will not fit on every type of bed. That is the reason why it is very essential to check the size of the bed you have before buying the bed sheet for you. For example, if you have a single bed then you must buy single bedsheet cotton rather than buying a double or king size or queen size bed sheets.
  • Check the return policy: Before you purchase it is very essential to check the return policy of the brand. In our brand, you will get a good return policy, and you can return it even after you purchase it within a specific period of time.

Reasons to choose comfort beddings to buy cotton bed sheet

Comfort Beddings is one of the most reputed brands where you will get a high quality Egyptian cotton bed sheet. This brand comes up with a lot of variety and also with different colors, patterns and fabric and you can choose as per your taste. All  that are available in our brand are of the top quality and are available at a discounted price. The best thing about our brand is that there is no middle man involved in it and hence no extra charges are required. Moreover, we remain open for 24 x 7 and if you have any queries you can approach our executive at any time and they will certainly solve all your queries. Due to all these facilities, buying the best quality sheets from our brand is always a better choice.


Standard Size for Bed sheets

The table mentioned below will give you a clear idea about the standard bedsheet sizes.

Sheet SizeFlat sheetsFitted sheetsPillow covers



1. What material is used for manufacturing the bedsheet of Comfort beddings?

In our brand, we use 100% pure Egyptian cotton which is regarded as to be the best quality cotton in the world. Hence, the best quality is available with us.

2. How can you buy the best bed sheet?

You can get it on our website at an affordable price. All that you need to do is to go to our website and order the bed sheet of your choice and you will get it at your doorstep within a few days of your order.

3. What is the specialty of bed sheets?

The cotton bed sheet available in our brand is made up of the best quality cotton and thus there will be no wrinkles on this type of bedsheet. Moreover, this type of bedsheet is super soft and breathable. It can also wick the moisture naturally while you sleep and this can enhance the quality of your sleep.



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