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Buy luxury bed sheets online at comfort beddings india. Give your bedroom a classy touch with the best quality egyptian cotton comfortable bedsheets. You can choose from a large collection of plain, striped, and leopard printed products.


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If you are looking for best quality luxury bed sheets online for your bedroom, so you are at right place here. You want to give your bedroom a complete makeover, you have come to the right destination. We try to make our bedrooms look lavish and luxurious. However, we ignore one of the most important components of a bedroom -cotton bed sheets. It plays a vital role in making your bedroom attractive. Therefore, choosing the proper bed sheets is complicated procedure.

Comfort Beddings brand offer a great collection of luxury comfortable bed sheets, with charming designs and best quality product. We offer 100% pure cotton bed sheet of various sizes, like single, king, double, and luxury queen bed sheets. You can choose from a large collection of plain, striped, and leopard printed cotton bed sheets online products. Moreover, we offer sheets of colours, matching with the wall colour of your rooms. Now, you can purchase luxury bed sheets for your bedrooms from the comfort of your home.


What are the different types of cotton bedsheets?

Cotton bedsheets can be divided into several types, depending upon huge factors. The most important among them is the size. We offer different sizes based on the size of your bed and price also varies according to the size of it. Let us have a look at them. This cotton bed sheets available in single, king, queen, double bed sheet size and many more.

As you can understand from the name, single bedsheets are for single beds. Covering a single bed with a large bed sheet may look a bit clumsy, with folding and slipping in the excess part. Therefore, you must avoid wrong-sized bed sheets for small or children’s beds to make your bedroom look elegant.

Cotton double bed sheets, also known as full bedsheets made for covering double beds. They are mainly available in two different sizes. If you are having a king-size bed, then you will need a king-size double bed sheets. It has a dimension of 254 cm x 274 cm. In case you are having a queen-size bed, you should get a queen-size double bed sheet. Cotton bed sheets for double bed dimension is 160 cm x 210 cm.

King-size beds can accommodate three adults comfortably. King-size bedclothes are the largest ones (274 cm x 274 cm). They are of different types, depending upon the size and shape of the bed.

Apart from the above-mentioned bedclothes, there is another type, known as a fitted bedsheet. The edge of these sheets comprises flexible elastic bands that keep them together with the mattress. You can buy these products for your kid’s bedrooms as there are no chances of such sheets sliding out of the bed.

You can go through the exclusive list of bed sheet clothes offered by us to choose the ideal one for your bedroom. We offer bed sheets of all sizes for convenience of the customers.


How bed sheets can be categorized based on materials?


Give your bedroom a classy touch with colourful pure cotton bed sheets from Comfort Beddings. They can be categorized into different types, based on their material. Each material has its own advantages and features. It is very important to choose the right material according to your personal preferences. Let us have a look at the different categories.

  • Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton bed sheets are most common in India because of its climate. These are made of porous fabric, which makes it breathable. It is also soft, comfortable and long-lasting. These are ideal for sound and comfortable sleeping. Moreover, it is also perfect for your kid’s bedroom.

  • Silk Bed Sheets

Silk bedsheets are perfect for making your bedrooms look attractive. They are also comfortable, refreshing, and are ideal for those who are allergic. They are available in different sizes. You can use them on humid days.

  • Satin Bed Sheets

Satin bed sheets are also good for allergic individuals as they protect your body from dust mites. It is also advisable to use them during summer months as they absorb your body heat. Though it may get creased a lot, it is easy to wash and dry. It makes your bedroom look charming.

  • Twill Cotton Bedsheets

Unlike Satin bedsheets, Twill Cotton bedsheets do not get creased easily. These are made of hard fabric, with characteristic diagonal lines on them.

  • Chanderi Bed Sheets

Chanderi is an ancient weaving style, used to make three different fabrics - Chanderi cotton, pure silk, and Chanderi silk cotton. If you are willing to make your bedroom unique, you can use these bedclothes, which are known for its glossy texture. They are available in different attractive designs.


Standard Size for Bed Sheets

The table mentioned below will give you a clear idea about the standard bed sheet sizes.

Sheet SizeFlat sheetsFitted sheetsPillow covers



Things to keep in mind while buying a luxury bed sheets online:


Buying the right luxury bed sheets online for your bed is not an easy job. You have to consider a lot of factors while buying a best quality cotton bed sheets. Here are some of the things you should think about before buying a bedsheet.

  • Size of the bed sheet according to the size of your bed.
  • The material of the bedsheet according to the purpose of your use.
  • Whether you require sheets with pillow cover set or not?
  • Whether you want a simple bedsheet or a designer bed sheet?
  • The colour of the bed sheet, according to the wall colour of your bedroom.

At Comfort Beddings, you can find a full description of each product. We mention all the details of the beddings including the above-mentioned ones. Kindly go through the descriptions carefully before buying it. This will help you to choose your desired bed sheet easily.


Get designer luxury bed sheets at affordable price range

We are committed to providing you best quality luxury bed sheets at the most economical prices. We also offer cotton bedsheets of different prices for satisfying the different needs of our customers. Here, you do not have to think about the quality of the products. We use the best cotton fabrics for manufacturing them. No harmful chemicals are used during the process. We keep in mind the various skin problems that many people face and manufacture our products accordingly.

This bed sheets made of 100% pure cotton and it’s soft, comfortable, and ideal for a good night’s sleep. They are long-lasting and can be used in all seasons. Our cotton bed sheets are easy to wash and maintain. Kindly check the products offered by Comfort Beddings and you will find a great range of bedsheets to select from.


Why you should choose Comfort Beddings?

Comfort Beddings can be your all-in-one destination for buying different types of cotton bed sheets. For the benefit of our customers, we offer various discounts on our products throughout the year. You can also replace or return bedsheets if you want. Moreover, we deliver our products within a very short span and also accept cash on delivery. We have a great collection of bedsheets, and we assure to provide with quality products.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Which bedsheet material should I prefer?

Ans: In indian, cotton bedclothes are the most used ones. They are ideal for the Indian climate. Moreover, they are comfortable and durable. If you are allergic, then you can go for silk or satin bedsheets.


Q. How fitted beddings differ from flat beddings?

Ans: Fitted beddings have elastic band at the edges that prevent them from folding. Therefore, creases are not formed. On the other hand, flat bed sheets are the normal one without any elastics thus, getting folded easily.


Q. How thread count matters while buying a bedsheet?

Ans: It is assumed that the higher the thread count, the better is the quality of the fabric. Thus, greater thread count makes the bedsheets long-lasting and softer.


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