A comforter unlike a blanket is somewhat light in weight and is also fluffy in texture since they are filled with synthetic material. While they may be light, bed comforters do their job of keeping one warm. They are a great choice especially in the winter season. Buying comforters is a great choice which one can make to spend his or her winter season in a better way. Also, there are thermal regulating bed comforters too (we do have these) which can even be used in summers.

Bed Comforter’s sizes

If you are planning to buy a comforteror comforter sets, then you should be knowing that they come in two main sizes.

Single (90 X 60)

This is for those of you who have a single sized bed. Also, you use this while you sleep on your sofa. In case you have a double bed, you should buy this as well in case for days you are going to be sleeping alone.

Double (90 X 100)

Obviously, this is for those who sleep with their partner on a double bed. Single people who make use of double beds can also buy comforters  or comforter sets  of this size.

You can also buy them both in case you have double as well as a single bed in your house.

Pattern available in bed comforters


White is the most well-known colour when it comes to comforters. We also have them available in this colour. The reason for them being so popular is that they go with every other colour which your sheets might be having.

Benefits of using comforters 

  • They help you sleep better

Indeed. Their qualities are such that they are bound to help you in your sleep. Those who are suffering from sleep related disorders must once try them.

  • They are light-weighted

Since microfibres are used in them instead of cotton or some other material, they have a reduced amount of weight as compared to blankets or heavy sheets.

  • They are a great alternative to tradition blankets

Blankets are heavy and sometimes have poor finish which can lead to reduced quality of sleep. Their washing and drying are also not that easy. Bed comforters  can solve these issues very well.

  • Thermal regulating properties

We do have these kinds of bed comforterswhich can regulate temperature and hence can be used in summer time as well.

  • They are smoother

Comforters are smoother than other similar alternatives as its covering is made from Egyptian cotton.

  • Materials we used To Make comforters

The following are the materials used to make a comforter. They are:

Egyptian Cotton

It is one of the best and the finest varieties of cotton as we all know. It is used to make the covering fabric of comforters that we have available. Though one might argue that the covering can be made with other fabrics too, they wouldn’t have the same smoothness or finish as Egyptian cotton.


These are used to fill up the hollow spaces between the sheets of comforters. Their low density reduces the overall weight of comforters  while the air which is trapped in between makes sure that the person using it is thermally isolated from the surrounding.

Shop comforter sets for your home online today

If you happen to be looking for a better alternative to your regular blanket because it is uncomfortable and heavy, buying comforter sets  and buying them individually is indeed a great option.

Buying comforter sets here on comfort bedding is quite easy as all you have to do is select the size, colour along with the product and it will be delivered to you. We also have a 7-day money back guarantee for you.

FAQs Related to Comforters

Here are some of the questions which you may have in your mind.

What are comforter sets?

It has a number of comforters in it. People buy these sets to save money and have other comforters which can act as a replacement or back-up in case the first suffers some damage or gets dirty because of dust or filth.

Why buy comforters from Comfort bedding? 

Choosing comfort bedding is great for a variety of reasons. We have a 7-day full refund return policy, dedicated support team, support for multiple payment gateways, great prices, discounts and sizes. We also sell a number of other related products which you can buy with these.

Are comforters the same as a Blanket?

No. A blanket is much heavier comparatively as it is filled with mostly cotton. Comforters on the other hand as we explained are filled with low-density microfibres. Also, they are far smoother and more comfortable than blankets.

What's the difference between duvet and comforters?

A duvet is nothing but a more flat and softer version of a comforter. They have no stitching which goes in the making of comforters.

Are comforters washable?

Yes, you can wash our comforters in your washing machine as well.

Do you offer discounts or sell at the MRP?’

We do offer discounts on our products and sell products on a price less than the MRP.

Why do people use comforters?

People mostly use comforters to keep themselves warm in cold weather. But there are also some which have thermal properties (we do have this type of comforters) which can make them suitable for use in warm climates too.

Are comforters expensive?

No. They are in fact quite affordable. We also offer discounts on them to make them more pocket-friendly.



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