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What is Thread Count in Bed Sheet?

What is Thread Count in Bed Sheet?

Comfortable bedding is one sure way of having a good night sleep. This means that whatever you choose for your bed impacts the quality of your sleep. Therefore, it is essential to have good bedding set to improve your way of sleeping.

A good bedding set consists of comfortable bed sheets. However, most people struggle to understand what quality of the material of bed sheets is ideal for warmth and comfort. If you fall into this category, we have your back.

It is important to understand the ABCs of the materials used in making bed sheets. This, in turn, helps you to make wise decisions while comparing labels and purchasing the sheets. The topmost basic is Thread Count. Read on to find out more about what a thread count in a bed sheet is.

What is Thread Count?

Thread count, often abbreviated as TC, is the total number of threads that are woven horizontally and vertically together per square inch. Let’s say there are 100 yarns lengthwise and 100 width wise, which brings the total count to 200. This means that the piece has a thread count of 200.

For years, thread count has been the talk of the town, especially in marketing luxury fabrics. It is believed that the higher the thread count, the softer and finer the fabric is. Additionally, the sheets with higher TC are said to wear well and even get softer with time. In simpler terms, thread count is roughly used to indicate the smoothness and texture of sheets.

Sometimes understanding thread count can be difficult, but we believe this article will shed some light on the types available.

Types of Thread Count:-

Mostly, thread count matters when the fabric is 100% cotton with single-ply weaves. It is divided into various parts to determine superiority. You’ll find bed sheets with a thread count ranging between 200 and 300. Fabrics in this category are okay, but not as soft as you would want your sheets to be. However, the softness they provide isn’t that bad compared to those with a lower TC. Going lower, the sheets feel somehow rough and a little uncomfortable. It is believed that a sheet set with a lower thread count doesn’t have good insulating properties, and hence provides minimal warmth and comfort.

600 TC and 1000 TC are considered to be a higher thread count in bed sheets because they provide unmatched smoothness, and hence, comfort. After a while, these sheets get even softer and portray unmatched strength. What’s more, bed sheets with higher thread count offer excellent breath-ability and durability without fading. High TC bed sheets are warmer, and ideal for those cold nights during winter. For a luxurious experience with your sheets, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Which Thread Count is Good?

There have been a lot of questions regarding thread count matter and which one is ideal for your home. Well, it depends on how you want to use your sheets. As mentioned, lower thread count sheets are not as soft and offer minimal warmth and comfort. In colder seasons, these sheets are not perfect for warmth provision.

On the other hand, high thread count bed sheets provide everything you need for all the seasons. For starters, they offer excellent insulation, comfort, strength, and luxury.

High TC bed sheets are of premium quality, and as a result, they tend to cost more than their low TC counterparts. Come to think of it, these bed sheets are a long-term investment which, in turn, saves you the cost of having to get new ones since they exhibit excellent durability.

Factors Determining Comfort in Bed Sheets:-

A piece of fabric might have a higher thread count, but still, you find a lower thread count fabric to be much softer. Why? Because the thread quality matters a great deal. This can be quite confusing to a lot of people out there. If the threads used in the fabric are low quality, the results are equally bad, regardless of the thread count. High-grade yarn provides excellent quality thread count performance.

The length of a single fiber also plays a role in determining the softness of sheets. Longer fibers are stronger and produce the finest fabrics.

Using single ply yarn in the manufacture of sheets results in finer and more durable threads. Multi-ply yarn produces a thicker thread that is heavier, rough, and less durable.

The type of weave used also plays a role in determining the comfort you get. Sateen weave delivers a luxurious luster.


Sleeping comfortably is good for your brain, peace of mind, and general well-being. This is achieved with quality bedding sets. Understanding what exactly you want for your bed sheets helps in the buying decision. That is why knowing more about thread count is important, as it determines the comfort you get from your sheets. What’s more, you also get to know the durability of your sheets for better planning.

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