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Plum pinch bed skirt

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Ornament Your Suites Or Beds With Our Stylish Plum pinch Bed Skirts 

Comfort Beddings offers the perfect finished Plum pinch 16 inch bed skirt blended well with 100% cotton. It is cautiously crafted to deliver your style, along with extra storage space at its best.

  • Fine and durable fabric
  • Protect mattress and dust-free
  • Adds luxury and charm

Find luxury with  Plum pinch 16 inch bed skirt made of 100% Egyptian cotton material. Majorly known for classy standard of strength, softness and durability. The soft and smooth finish of this beautiful product will give you a royal feel. We choose the finest grade cotton in the world to manufacture the pinch 16 inch bed skirt which is an example of outstanding finish making it the object of beauty for everyone. It is the best solution for under bed storage, and ensures that everything under your bed remains hidden. Comfort Beddings offers  Plum pinch 16 inch bed skirt in 9 different colors, 4 different sizes such as Queen, King, Single, Double as well as drop length such as 16 inches. These pinch 16 inch bed skirt are machine washable, iron safe and easy to maintain on regular basis.