Fitted waterbed sheets  are a type of waterbed sheets  which will fit your waterbed properly as they get anchored. They are mostly made up of high-quality cotton for better comfort. The need for the waterbed sheets to be fixed is because the surface gets disturbed a lot since water is present in it.

Fitted Waterbed Sheets on Comfort Bedding

It is a more flexible type of mattress which contains water. These got popularized in the 70s and 80s in the United States after they were patented in 1971. The benefits of using a waterbed are many. Some are,

  • They reduce pressure (Important for less pain after waking up)
  • They distribute the person’s weight (Results in additional comfort)
  • Easy to clean (Who doesn’t want a mattress which is way easy to clean)
  • Reduce tension in muscles (regular mattresses don’t do this job well)
  • Relax you when you make use of them (Do use them if your stress levels are high)
  • Help you in falling asleep quickly (Best choice for those suffering from insomnia)
  • Are better for blood circulation in the body (another health benefit which they offer)
  • A better option for pregnant women (pregnant women face a lot of issues and waterbeds solve them with their comfort).

These benefits have been discovered with the help of feedback from customers and even scientific studies for that matter.

These are just a few of the many benefits which one can avail if he or she starts using waterbeds. Also, they are economically affordable too. But buying them is not enough, buying a proper waterbed fitted sheet is vital too to enhance these benefits more.


Allow us to discuss some of the features of waterbed sheets. They will enlighten you about their benefits too.

  • Made with 100% pure cotton

Unlike other manufacturers, we sell only those sheets that are 100% pure cotton. Cotton is a better alternative to synthetic fitted waterbed sheets since it enhances comfort, is natural and has a good finish.

  • Have a smooth finish

We all know the role which sheets play in enhancing the quality of our sleep. Sheets which lack a smooth finish will irritate us in the sleep and affect our sleep quality. This is especially important if the stress at your job is too high.

  • Have passed strict quality checks

Ensuring the quality of the product shouldn’t be just limited to fancy words. We regularly carry out a quality check on our products to ensure that they are of supreme quality.

  • Offer a completely different experience

For those who have never used them, they offer a different experience. Do try them if you want to feel this for yourself.

  • Pocket friendly

Yes, they don’t place a burden on your pocket too. We even offer discounts to make them even more budget-friendly.

  • Is extremely durable

Due to its high quality, the waterbed fitted sheet  is also quite durable. This is especially important to look into if you want to get value for your money.

  • Available in vibrant colours

Choosing the right colour for your waterbed fitted sheet can help you a lot for your in-house décor. We have sheets that come in vibrant colour and hence you can choose them as per your convenience.


Here are the two major patterns that are found on waterbed fitted sheets.


Solid pattern involves just one colour spread uniform throughout the bed sheet.


This is different from solid as there is no fixed colour. There are patterns which are like stripes on the sheet.

What sizes do waterbed fitted sheets come in? 

Waterbed fitted sheets come in the following four sizes. The sizes mentioned by us are the standard in India.

Single (72 X 36)

This as you might have guessed is for a waterbed made for the usage of a single person. This size is best for the guest bedroom, kids and your too in case you are single.

Double (72X 48)

If you happen to be a couple, then this size is recommended. In case you have two kids, you can make them sleep together on a double bed.

Queen (72 X 60)

This size is most suitable for those who have a kid which sleeps them with for now. Rather than feeling uncomfortable sleeping on double size, you can go with queen size.

King (78 X 72)

A great choice if you have more than two children and they sleep together or you have a couple of kids and they sleep with you both.

You should choose the size of the sheets that you are going to buy as per the size of your waterbed. If you are not sure about, then please do measure it since it will save you from the hassle of returning the item.

Waterbed sheets Vs Regular sheets

In this section, we will talk about how waterbed sheets are different from regular sheets. The waterbed sheets are a bit bigger than regular sheets given the larger dimension of waterbeds. This is also the case because sheets for waterbed are meant to be more comfortable too.

Also, waterbed sheets are designed in such a way that they stay crease-free when in use. This is because the mattress is flexible as it contains water. And the movement of water can form creases. This issue is not a design problem for regular sheets.

Another difference is that while most of the companies supply good quality regular sheets, there are very few who master at manufacturing high-quality waterbed sheets. This is because the design parameters are quite high for them.

FAQs related to waterbed sheets

In this part, we will be discussing some of the frequently asked questions related to waterbed sheets (including waterbed fitted sheets). Hopefully, they will solve your doubts which you may have about waterbed sheets.

Do waterbeds require special sheets?

Yes, they do indeed. This is because waterbeds have a greater surface area and a normal sheet won’t be able to cover it. If you wish to enjoy the maximum possible comfort which your waterbed can offer, then you should be buying these special sheets. They are pocket-friendly too.

What are waterbed sheets?

These are specially made sheets for waterbeds. They are comparatively larger to properly cover a given waterbed. Fitted waterbed sheet is a good choice given that they don’t need to be tucked again and again like other alternatives.


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