Double Bed Sheets

Decorate your bed with soft and luxurious cotton double bed sheets. The gorgeous collection by Comfort Beddings is made with pure cotton fabric. We offer optimum softness and comfort to your bed, we make our sheets with Egyptian cotton.

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Cotton Double Bed Sheets

Decorate your bed with soft and luxury double bed sheet product. The gorgeous collection by Comfort Beddings is made with pure cotton fabric and most favorable softness and comfort to your bed. Who likes to spend quality time in a comfortable personal space? Most of us usually head towards the bedroom to seek some moments of eternal peace and relaxation. A bed is one of the most elements of your bedroom. Apart from being a quintessential piece of furniture, it makes up for the safest and cozy place of your home. To give it an instant and appealing makeover, bed sheets come into play. This double bed sheet set comes with 1 bedsheet and 2 pillow covers. We make our double bed sheets with high quality cotton.

Besides being a comfy bedding accessory, it revamps your bedding to add more warmth and elegance to it. Having a premium quality cotton double bed sheet with pillow cover also assists in attaining a sound sleep, thereby enhancing the well-being. Further, if you want to give the bedroom interiors, a dash of style, then investing in the same would be worth it. At Comfort Beddings, discover the finest collection of cotton double bedsheet that would stunningly transform the way your bedroom looks.

Types Of Cotton Double Bedsheets From Comfort Beddings

We have an exquisite variety of cotton double bedsheet to choose from. Before getting one, it is quite necessary to consider the bed dimensions, size, and room interiors as well. Apart from this, assess the fabric, color, and design to make sure it goes well with the bedroom aesthetics.

At Comfort Beddings, we craft all our products with unwatchable royalty, luxury, and style as well. Imagine snoozing off on a breathable, soft, and warm bed linen, which would be the peak of comfort. However, the following are the different variants of a double bedsheet set.

Size: Looking for single or double bed sheet size? Do not worry as we have got you covered. In addition to these, our product line also comprises bed linen for king and queen-size beds. To get the right size for a precise fitting, assess the bed measurements and then choose accordingly.

Style: Whether you prefer simple styles or the ones with chic designs, we have them all. Our beautiful collection of sheets includes various styles such as monochromatic, minimalist designs, gorgeous plains, stripe and many more. Our product line reflects a blend of simplicity with elegance.

Fabric: To offer optimum softness and comfort to your bed, we make our double bed sheets with 100% pure cotton and it is hypoallergenic as well which enhances the quality of sleep. Likewise, to infuse perfection into them, we use 600 and 1000 thread counts. All of these aspects add extra strength, durability, and luxury to the bed linen.

Colour: When it comes to the selection of colors, our list is endless. From pastels to bold, you can get them all. For exceptional grace, the bed sheets arrive in colors such as golden, yellow, taupe, blue, lilac, hot pink, and ivory. Additionally, the other available colors are brick red, burgundy, purple, turquoise, sage, rust, black, peach, wine, and many more.

Design: From zebra to leopard prints and from striking stripes, you can shop them all. All the sheets are crafted with high-precision designs that make them stand apart in the segment. No matter what occasion it is, all you need is a gorgeous bed linen to embellish your bedroom.

Get the Top-Notch Quality from Comfort Beddings

The gorgeous collection of double bed sheet with pillow cover by Comfort Beddings is made with 100% pure quality cotton. Yet the cherry on the top is the breathable, super-soft, and long-lasting fabric. Another great thing is that they are colored with natural dyes only. We incorporate our home-grown cotton to craft the premium double bed sheets.

Being one of the leading brands for bedding accessories, Comfort Beddings assortment of bedding accessories would leave you awe-struck. With plentiful luxurious options to buy from, the bed sheets are wrinkle-free and wear-resistant. In addition to this, we rely on sateen for a lustrous finish, along with more crispiness. Ultimately, getting an attractive cotton double bedsheet set is one of the most fruitful investments that you can make for your personal space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What do you mean by a double bed sheet?

Typically, known as the largest double bed sheet size, these sheets are designed specifically for use on beds of a bigger size. Further, these are considered to be the most ideal ones for the thicker mattresses and come in both types, flat as well as fitted.

Q.2 What are the dimensions of the double bed sheet?

The dimension of double bed sheet size is 108 x 108 inches. On top of that, the measurements of complementary pillow covers are 18 x 27 inches. If the thickness of your mattress is more than 6 inches, then you would need one that weighs around 1 to 1.5 kg.

Q.3 Which fabric is the best for sheets?

Most commonly, the cotton, polyester, and silk fabrics are used for crafting the bed sheets. Amongst all of these fabrics, cotton double bed sheet is the ideal and preferable one. This is because the ones crafted with cotton are super soft to touch and breathable as well. Being a premium fabric in the segment, cotton infuses an ultra-luxurious feel to sheets and makes them lightweight also.

Q4. How to wash the sheets properly?

One can wash the bedsheets with ease by following the wash and care instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully. Ideally, it is recommendable to machine wash it separately in cold water. Refrain from adding bleach or harsh liquid detergents, instead use a mild one. With the help of a dryer, you have to dry the sheet. Most importantly, do not dry it in direct sunlight.

Q.5 How often should one wash the sheet?

Ideally, you can wash your double bed sheet set once in a week. Though there are many people that wash their sheets more often in a week. However, the same also depends upon the amount of dirt and grime accumulated on it.

Q.6 When should one change the sheets?

If you are having a pet at home, then it is advisable to change or replace the sheet in a week. Otherwise, changing the same once in a week would be fine. Yet if you are allergic or suffering from any sort of allergic or skin disorders, then you must change it quite often to prevent the infections.


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